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Speaking and workshops

Over the last 9 years I have the privilege to speak at events all over the globe from Istanbul to Seattle, Sydney to Dubai, and many places in between.

I talk on a range of topics covering creativity, strategy, and culture change. I have spoken at TEDx, international conferences, community events,  corporate client events, and lectured at universities. 


A selection of the public events over the past years.


London UK, IxDA - New modern living, Emerging awkward automation

New York USA, Interaction17 - Let’s Design Awkward Moments of AI Automated Living [workshop]



Istanbul Turkey, TEDx - Living services: Our changing relationship with technology and services

Seattle USA, ConveyUX - Anticipatory Services & Ambient Personalisation



London UK, UCD2013 - Ambient Personalisation, anticipatory products and data driven personalisation

Bristol UK, World Usability Day - Designing anticipatory services

Prague Czech Republic, October 2013, WebExpo - Strategic design, methods & approaches

Cambridge UK, UXCambridge - Product invention (Rapid & Lean) 90mins

Bristol UK, UXBristol - Strategic design - Launching probes and releasing trojan mice

Brighton UK, UXBrigton - Strategic design - Launching probes and releasing trojan mice

Edinburgh Scotland, UX Scotland - Strategic design tools - patterns, frameworks and principles

London UK, MEX - Ambient personalisation (The interface of you)



London UK, UXpeople - Rapid product invention for a data driven service [Workshop]

London UK, UCD2012 - Rapid product invention for a data driven service [Workshop]

London UK, IXDA - Serendipity for products and services (from big data)

London UK, SCAMP 2012 - Truth, Lies, Lazy perceptions & The value of experiencing

Belfast Ireland, CreativeCamp - Better inspiration through serendipity and the unexpected



London UK, LondonIA - Serendipity & Data: Recommendations and Discovery

Prague Czech Republic, IA Europe - Serendipity & Data: Recommendations and Discovery

London UK, Interesting '11 - Creature Cutification workshop

Lisbon Portugal, UXLX - Magic, hurt feeling and forgiveness (Magitek)

Brighton UK, Science week / Pecha Kucha - Future foods: Both real and imagined



London UK, Commuter Game Design

Sheffield UK, InterestingNorth - Catching Sleepers