I’m a global design leader, with over 20 years of experience in design, research, strategy, branding, communications and service design.


I love and work in the space between brand, product, and marketing. Bringing together the purpose, the experience, and how we communicate the awareness and value. I’m an advocate for design as the new marketing.

My focus is on people. I gather insights on the moments that matter to them and design the relationships they have with brands. I explore how technology can be used to create rich, memorable experiences, and emotional connections that help shape our world.

I lead, direct, and coach organisations to envision a new future. By creating new ways of working, services, and products. I help evolve organisations and design meaningful experiences customers, employees and businesses.

Working globally, I spent time immersing myself in local cultures. I’ve had the privilege of building design studios and creative departments, as well as growing design teams in Europe, APAC, Middle-East, Turkey, Central America and North America.

Here is a selection of the brands I’ve worked with: Marriot, Barclays, Turkish Airlines, Nokia, Telstra, UBS, RBS, BP, Guardian, BSKYB, BBC, Adidas, Tesco, Coles, Panasonic.

My specialities are Design leadership, Service design, Brand experience, Creative strategy, Ethnographic research, Storytelling, Motion Design, Workshops, Futures, Speculative Design.


For my work history please see: linkedin.com/in/olishaw/


Why the swan picture?
I’ve long been fascinated with the concept of black swan events, on my first trip to Australia, I saw my first black swan (this picture).