I’m a non-traditional, trans-disciplinary creative director, with over 20 years of experience in branding, design, strategy, communications and service design.


I spend much of my time understanding how to evolve organisations into better versions of themselves through hands-on strategic design - creating new, improved and more meaningful experiences for businesses, customers and employees.

Leaning into the future and exploring how technology can be used to create rich, memorable experiences and emotional connections that help shape our world is what I enjoy most. 

I have previously worked across Europe, APAC, MART and the US with organisations including Vodafone, Nokia, Telstra, UBS, RBS, BP, Garanti /BBVA, Turkish Airlines, IsBank, Guardian Media, BSKYB, BBC, Adidas, Tesco, Coles, Panasonic and a number of start-ups, both B2C and B2B. I also have had the privilege of building design studios and creative departments, growing design teams and speaking at events globally.


For my work history please see: linkedin.com/in/olishaw/


Why the swan picture?
I’ve long been fascinated with the concept of black swan events, on my first trip to Australia, I saw my first black swan (this picture).